Flower Photography workshopWorkshop 6


This workshop is all about post processing and image editing and will focus on the vast array of creative and editing tools available in Photoshop.

Although the workshop is aimed at the flower photographer, many of the digital darkroom methods will apply to all categories of photography.

Starting with the basics of the Photoshop interface and and overview of tools and menus, how to crop, rotate, resize, understand the save options and file formats. Understanding which selection tools to use for working with parts of an image and why layers are so important when working in the digital darkroom. The workshop will also cover the basics of the tonal range with levels, curves and colour.

Photoshop has a vast range of tools for cleaning and repairing images, working with colour and black and white, adjusting the shadows and highlights, applying creative filters, and blend modes. This first Photoshop course will introduce you to the tools specifically applicable for the art of flower photography.

What will I learn?


What will I create?

When and why to use Photoshop.

An overview of Photoshop interface and navigating around the program

About image and canvas sizes and resolution

Image editing tools, brushes, brush sizes and types

Working with colour - colour modes, colour picker, and an overview of colours

Working with selections and knowing which selection tool to use

Why and how to use Photoshop layers

How and why to use layer masks

Layer blend modes and opacity

Image adjustment layers (understand destructive and non destructive methods)

Layers, curves and the histogram for controlling tonal range

An overview of Photoshop artistic filters and how they can be used in combination with other tools to create both subtle and dramatic effects when working with the art of flower photography.


A set of edited images using correction and healing tools, filters and blend modes, layers and masks.


What should I bring?


Loads of enthusiasm and creative ideas. Your laptop with Photoshop.


Who should attend?

  Anyone with an interest in flower photography who wish to develop their digital dark room skills to create abstract and distinctive art.

Where and When

Dates To be advised
Time 10:00 - 16:30
Venue Arundel or Oving (nr Chichester)
West Sussex(TBC)
Price (includes lunch and refreshments) £125.00
For more information or to contact me
Celia Henderson LRPS, Tel: 07768 201852 Email: info@celiahenderson.co.uk