Flower Photography workshopWorkshop 3


Close up and macro images pull you into the subject in order to examine the details from an interesting perspective. Creating sharp images is challenging and rewarding. With plenty of hands on practical projects, easy to follow demonstrations, this workshop will guide you through creating sharp close up images, a botanical study and introduce you to focus stacking. We will discuss the difference between close-up and macro and explore the characteristics of different lenses and their ultimate effect on a finished image.

We will use Aperture Priority to determine Pin Sharp vs Selective Focus. Focus and composition will play a major part in this workshop - whether it is to isolate your subject from its background or to create a pin sharp image from front to back. Your camera has a variety of functions enabling you to check the sharpness of your image at the review stage as well as when previewing the finished image. Understanding the histogram will help ensure correct exposure. Considerations when lighting close ups, how to exclude light, using shadows and preventing shadows, lighting just a part of the image and how to light the background. Making sharp images relies on recognising the impact of the movement triangle, that's the subject, you as well as the camera.

What will I learn?


What will I create?

How to set up and photograph images that have the required sharpness, using manual focus and the functions within your camera to check for sharpness and composition.

How aperture controls depth of field and sharpness of your image and the impact of the exposure triangle

Understanding characteristics of lenses and their minimum focal distance. Macro lenses and a bit about diffraction.

Controlling the movement of you, your subject and camera using Tripod, focus rail, and anything else to keep it all steady.

How to control the light when creating a botanical study, work with the available and additional light - reflectors and diffusers, LED, continuous and ring lights

The basics of Focus Stacking

General Lightroom and Photoshop techniques as part of the photographer's workflow

Sharpening methods in Photoshop and Lightroom - what to use and what not

Image editing software for focus stacking


A close up
Botanical Study
Focus Stacked image


What should I bring?


Your camera, lenses (macro lens, if you have one), tripod, remote shutter release and ideally your laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop. Your camera manual and loads of enthusiasm.


Who should attend?

  Anyone with an interest in flower and close up photography who wishes to develop their skills in capturing pin sharp images or using selective focus. Participants should have some familiarity with the manual functions of their camera.

Where and When

Dates to be advised
Time 10:00 - 16:30
Venue Arundel or Oving (nr Chichester), West Sussex
Price (includes lunch and refreshments) £125.00
For more information or to contact me
Celia Henderson LRPS, Tel: 07768 201852 Email: info@celiahenderson.co.uk